Earn To Die 3

Earn To Die 3 or the developers call it Earn To Die 2012 Part 2 is the most latest version of the game available today on the internet. At the …PLAY NOW

Earn To Die 2

The second edition of the legendary zombie killing game – Earn To Die 2 or as it is sometimes called Earn To Die 2012 is here. The game was created …PLAY NOW

Battlefield Medic

Battlefield Medic is a great game which is very similar to the Earn To Die game series. Sometimes people call it even the Earn To DIE 4 but it is …PLAY NOW

Earn To Die 1

The first version of the game was developed long time ago, but even now when you play the game you realize it’s awesome, not only gameplay, but also graphics and …PLAY NOW

About Earn To Die Games

Most of us love playing zombie games or even watching movies about them. What can be better than an interesting action game where you try to escape from a city full of zombies, killing them thousands at a time and watching their bleeding dead bodies. Earn To Die game has exactly the same plot and even though it is just a flash game, you will spend great time playing it. The first version of Earn To Die game was created long time ago by Notdoppler.com and became so popular that the developers created the 2nd and the 3rd versions of the game too. Also I would like to add, that the game is marked as 13+, this means that it is not recommended to children under 13 years because of its bloody and violent scenes.

Earn to die has an interesting plot - a man suddenly realize that the city is full of zombies. If he stay home, he will be killed, that's why he makes an effort to run from this city using his old but rather useful car. When you start the game for the first time, the first thing you have to do is to buy the car in the garage.Yes, it may be old-fashioned car but it is the only way to survive. Keep in mind that you have to upgrade your car to reach the safe spot, that's why you must earn some money. You can earn some money buy killing zombies, every time you make a try to escape the town, you are given some money according to the distance and number of zombies killed. Spend them wisely and buy new engine for the car, new transmission, new weapons or even new powerful car.
EarnToDie.Eu is a fan website and we have all versions of the game available here. I am sure you will enjoy all of them. Have Fun.