Battlefield Medic

Battlefield MedicBattlefield Medic is a great game which is very similar to the Earn To Die game series. Sometimes people call it even the Earn To DIE 4 but it is absolutely different game with a bit different plot. The only thing which is same in both of the games – can tunning. The actions take place during the world war II, you play as a Medic at the battlefield, and your mission is to deliver supplies to your soldiers. Keep in mind that you will face a lot of enemies, you have to kill them all. Every time you kill an enemy team soldier, you are given money which can be used to upgrade your car, I mean buy new weapons, extend fuel tank and so on. The basic controls for the Battlefield Medic game are:    Accelerate – [Up]       Tilt – [Left]/[Right] Arrow          [X] – Use Turbo